Community Counseling

Mental Health and Counseling Services on a Sliding Scale for residents of Denton County 

Residents in the community can obtain psychological treatment for a variety of issues and receive these services at an affordable rate.

Counseling is led by masters-level therapists that are either fully licensed (Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) or are working towards their license. All are trained to work with a broad range of issues and have experience doing individual, family, and relationship counseling, as well as play therapy.

Our agency is dedicated to offering professional counseling services comparable to those received by families who can afford expensive private practice treatment.

The message to our families is that they are respected, valued, and believed to have the ability to get better within their family system.

The Community Referred Counseling program has grown steadily and now accounts for almost 50% of the clients served.

Youth and Family Counseling has a state-of-the-art play room to provide play therapy to children ages 3 to 12. We have therapists trained in working with young children, and we are able to provide these services on the same sliding scale rates as our other counseling services.


First Offender and At-Risk Kids Program

Family Counseling for adolescents referred by area police departments, courts and schools

By using the First Offender Program, resources from the police departments, community, schools, and family could combine to address the initial causes of illegal "acting out" behaviors before crime patterns became habituated. It was determined that a combination of education and family counseling would be the most effective means to address these goals.

The First Offender Program is a voluntary program that consists of six family counseling sessions provided to the families at no cost.

Families may elect to continue counseling sessions at a cost of $30.00 each and approximately 60% of participating families choose to continue.

Youth and Family Counseling's First Offender Program has a proven track record of success over its 35-year history. Studies conducted by the cities of Lewisville and Highland Village demonstrate that the majority of participants do not get arrested a second time, and our program has been duplicated in other cities throughout the state.


Group Counseling

Teen T.H.R.I.V.E—Teen Hope: Resilience, Individuality, Values and Empowerment

Teen THRIVE is a counseling group which helps teens with emotion regulation through a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) model.  DBT was developed by Marsha Linehan, PhD, for the treatment of severe and complex emotion dysregulation.  DBT has been empirically researched and proven effective with children, adolescents, and adults for the treatment of many mental health issues.

DBT is a skill-based model with four primary modules:  Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance.  The teens in the THRIVE group have made such progress, many have opted to return more than once. 


Parent Education and Family Stabilization Group

As we all know, we were not given a “book” or “Words of Wisdom” when we left the hospital with our children. Raising children, throughout their developmental stages is extremely tough.

Knowing when to listen, when to discipline, when to be tough and when to sit back and allow them to make their own mistakes is a moving target.

There is no true “right” way.  But there is guidance to allow us to make improved choices, based on our family’s needs, the youth’s developmental stage, and much research and experience. This course meets the expectations of the Texas Family Code, and the SAMHSA Six Protective Factors, that assist in guiding Parenting Programs.